Marcus Hiles Carefully Curating Upmarket Rental Properties

Through intelligent construction methods and carefully curated installations throughout his projects, Marcus Hiles gives back to residents as well as the environment, rewarding both individual and worldwide perspectives. His selection of premiere land parcels, alongside the highest ranking schools, is heightened by 100s of acres given to the development of parks and perpetual conservation easements, providing residents with quality education for children, and healthy recreational activities for everyone. Hiles’ goal to grow the green canopy in each development has seen the planting of more than 30,000 trees, taking more than 75 tons of carbon dioxide from the environment each year. As reported by Fortune article on home development, “Zero Energy Ready (ZER) is today’s gold standard for efficient home design. Created by the U.S. Department of Energy in 2008, the program boasts over 14,000 energy-efficient homes resulting in millions of dollars in energy savings.” Hiles’ communities are built with this concept in mind, and through high quality construction that sees the choosing extra tall dual pane windows, radiant barrier roof panels, Energy Star appliances, cellulose sound insulation, and water-friendly irrigation, have resulted in more than $500,000 in financial savings for residents, as well as lowering carbon emissions by 32,000 tons. The beauty within his built environments, in addition to encouraging social interaction between friends and family through sport, fitness, five-star hotel conveniences, and chic architectural design, have earned national awards from Satisfacts, four years in a row, recognizing tenants’ approval.

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