Marcus Hiles – The Man Behind The Modern Route To luxury living

Marcus Hiles and his wife Nancy have been in the property game for a long time. Since the conception of Western Rim Property, their business has flourished in the market for providing luxury modern living in beautiful parts of Texas. The design of the houses are chic and elegant, and give the feel of contemporary urban living with all the beauty and scenic pleasures associated with living in rural areas. The projects have been spectacularly successful thus far, and look continue to thrive as long as the vision and integrity projected in the positive image of the company prospers.

There can be no doubt Marcus Hiles provides luxury homes for Texans. The apartments, such as Estates at 3Eighty and The Estates at Briggs Ranch, are eye-openingly attractive. It is clear a lot of thought has been put into the design features. For example the entrance halls are paved with marble slabs, the granite work surfaces look lush, and the state-of-the-art stainless steel Whirlpool appliances accompany the apartments. No stone has been un turned in the pursuit of creating luxury homes. The design has been done so too with an eye for ecology, from the use of LED lighting and VOC paint, to having Smart Thermostats to regulate temperature in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

What has also been integral to the success of Western Rim Property has been their commitment to supporting and contribute to the wider community. Every effort has been made to limit their ecological footprint, and the natural landscapes and scenery has been incorporated into the design of these housing complexes. In terms of local economies, Marcus Hiles understands that bringing a range of new wealthier residents to the area will also have a positive effect on businesses and help rejuvenate the area financially.

What these homes have done so successfully is combine the two desired aspects of living many modern Americans strive for- the comfort, luxury and highly designed quality apartments, with a view of the beautiful nature and close proximity to the great outdoors. Such a combination is a rare find, so Western Rim and Marcus Hiles have done their utmost to marry the two in perfect housing harmony. Should the demand continue, there is no doubt business will flourish for both Mr.Hiles and the wider community. To find out more check out Marcus Hiles- A Magnanimous and Big Hearted Person.