Marcus Hiles – Reveals Why Lavish Renting is Better than Home Owning

Estates communities have walls and gates for the security of each unit and the surrounding plush outdoor and community areas. All units also have elevators for easy access. State-of-the-art fitness gym, 24/7 concierge service, a resort-inspired swimming pool and tanning deck are included in the list of facilities here. The target markets of the posh real estate brand are young families, retirees, Millennials and empty nesters who opt for renting a home instead of owning one. “What makes the Estates brand a choice of our tenants is its renting flexibility as well as exclusivity,” Hiles adds. “Residents can expect opulent and tranquil accommodations from us.”

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Marcus Hiles on Texas Being The Perfect Example for the Other States

One of the most notable real estate investors and developers Marcus Hiles wants to point out that Texas’ track record of being an example to follow isn’t presented in the media as much as it should be. The numbers Texas industry achieves year after year are outstanding. Even foreign investors are noticing Texas’ pro-growth policies and their companies have opened more than half a million new jobs for the hard-working people of Texas.Hiles notes that, on the contrary, states like California have lost around 1500 businesses in the last eight years. Find out more about this topic on

Marcus Hiles – Reacts to the Positive Home Sales this Quarter in Texas

As mentioned by the Association’s article, there was a firmly increasing residential sales in Q1 2016 when compared to its previous year, but it was also the time when actual housing inventory and active listings have reduced considerably. Based on the report, listings were decreased by 11.9%. In addition, the study finds that the average days of active first quarter listings put for sale on the market were 64, which is down three days from first quarter 2015.

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