Marcus Hiles On Importance Of A Students’ Access To Education

Marcus Hiles servees as Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, a residential property development firm managing luxury residential complexes throughout Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and New Braunfels. Hiles, a graduate of Pepperdine and Rice Universities, remains an unwavering supporter of each student having the right to a quality education that equips him or her with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in life. With his personal business ventures’ success, Hiles has given more than $2.5 million to public and private K-12 initiatives, after school programs, university job services, and career placement programs.

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Marcus Hiles THousing Texas’ Booming Population

Texas’ steadily growing job market remains a big influence in attracting new residents to relocate along with companies like Toyota, and employment gains are following in fields such as manufacturing and tech jobs lead the way. The recent housing shortages have been exacerbated by the influx, but Marcus Hiles has presented an appealing alternative by offering modern and convenient rental homes in the popular communities he develops. These large plots of land allow for lavish luxuries, including private parks, jogging trails and championship golf courses. These planned suburban neighborhoods allow Hiles to incorporate cutting-edge, sustainable construction and the best infrastructure required to provide unequaled comfort and environmental sustainability.

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Marcus Hiles Discusses Contemporary Austin Startup Scene

Overall, Austin remains a hub for innovators and risk-takers. The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Kauffman Index is a key measurement of entrepreneurship on the national, state and metropolitan levels. Marcus Hiles explains that the index factors three key metrics – the rate of new businesspersons, how many of those who started their companies while unemployed, and startups per capita – to develop an annual gauge. Their data shows that roughly 555 out of every 100,000 adults in the Austin area became entrepreneurs each month during the past five years, on average. The index notes the startup rate at 180 new businesses – less than one year old and employing at least one person besides the owner – per 100,000 residents.

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Marcus Hiles – Reveals Why Lavish Renting is Better than Home Owning

Estates communities have walls and gates for the security of each unit and the surrounding plush outdoor and community areas. All units also have elevators for easy access. State-of-the-art fitness gym, 24/7 concierge service, a resort-inspired swimming pool and tanning deck are included in the list of facilities here. The target markets of the posh real estate brand are young families, retirees, Millennials and empty nesters who opt for renting a home instead of owning one. “What makes the Estates brand a choice of our tenants is its renting flexibility as well as exclusivity,” Hiles adds. “Residents can expect opulent and tranquil accommodations from us.”

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Marcus Hiles on Texas Being The Perfect Example for the Other States

One of the most notable real estate investors and developers Marcus Hiles wants to point out that Texas’ track record of being an example to follow isn’t presented in the media as much as it should be. The numbers Texas industry achieves year after year are outstanding. Even foreign investors are noticing Texas’ pro-growth policies and their companies have opened more than half a million new jobs for the hard-working people of Texas.Hiles notes that, on the contrary, states like California have lost around 1500 businesses in the last eight years. Find out more about this topic on

Marcus Hiles – Reacts to the Positive Home Sales this Quarter in Texas

As mentioned by the Association’s article, there was a firmly increasing residential sales in Q1 2016 when compared to its previous year, but it was also the time when actual housing inventory and active listings have reduced considerably. Based on the report, listings were decreased by 11.9%. In addition, the study finds that the average days of active first quarter listings put for sale on the market were 64, which is down three days from first quarter 2015.

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Majority of Our Dwellers Are in Their Peak of Their Careers – Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles’ advice comes from his in-depth experience in offering apartment complexes that represent sheer indulgence.
“When renters choose to live in communities that match their personal preferences they achieve higher work-life balance,” he states. This balance is given that 33% of the occupants are between the ages of 30 and 44 – in the highest point of their careers – and another 30 percent are aged between 45 and 64 years. Hiles’ ability to plan townhouses that offer resort-like comforts while also still maintaining a favorable commute distance ensures that Dallas residents will keep moving towards rental homes instead of owned homes.

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Marcus Hiles Providing Options For Leary Homebuyers

As CEO of Western Rim Property Services, a regional firm specializing in luxury subdivisions, Marcus Hiles recognizes that the Texas Association of Realtors’ discoveries can help him best serve local clientele. “At Western Rim, we are constantly monitoring industry temperature and momentum to understand what our customers need most,” Hiles said. “The Association’s recent findings offer invaluable insight to our team regarding the current status of regional property sales. Most importantly, it proves that the state’s overall real estate vertical is thriving. It’s an exciting time to live in Texas.”

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Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Keep Up their Sustained Efforts to Make the Town Green

Western Rim lead by Marcus Hiles has been focused on making urban communities green. The association has taken on many projects towards expanding the reserve of natural resources for the ecosystem. Their yearly tree planting exercises may reduce close to 75 tons of carbon dioxide reliably, while making oxygen that is adequate for as much as 6,000 individuals. After 10 years, these planted trees will most likely give a yearly decrement of 600 tons of carbon dioxide. Similarly, they will give oxygen enough for 50,000 inhabitants.

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Marcus Hiles – Cincopa – Image SlideShow