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Marcus Hiles Houston is an ideal person to study and learn about if you looking to start a successful business, there is a lot written and spoken about Marcus Hiles in the media and also on newspapers, however most of these written documents are about a particular facet of Marcus Hiles life.

A full grasp of his personality is hardly available, especially if you are looking to start your own enterprise then there must be some troubles which you must be facing as a new business and you won’t be able to get the solution of these problems, whatever is written related to business startup is though important and informative but the drawback of these business articles is that they are more of theoretical and practical insights are hardly given.

The solution for your problem is to study someone who has practically done business himself and knows what troubles you may face in the market like United States of America where competition is seriously intense and a little mistake may be tantamount to your business.

Marcus Hiles is the ideal personality to be studied in this scenario, however media and newspapers news won’t help you as they are just the tip of the ice berg as far as life of Marcus Hiles and his struggles are concerned, our suggestion to you is that you should log into Marcus Hiles Magazine which is an online magazine via which you may be able to get a great deal of information related to Marcus Hiles and his business struggles.

You can also watch Marcus Hiles videos and presentations on YouTube, in fact there are a whole YouTube channel run by western rim property and Marcus Hiles through which you may get informative videos about Business star ups and managing a new enterprise.

Marcus And Nancy Hiles – Conroe Texas Real Estate

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles are two of the best businessmen in Texas, they run a really successful real estate business with the name of Western Rim Properties. The business was first established back in 2004, then Western Rim was still a startup but now it has become a mature business which can easily sustain itself. The main ideology behind the establishment of Western Rim was the fact that the couple wanted to make Texas a better place to live. With the help of Western Rim that target was easily met as the company now owns more than 20,000 properties and all are available for rent or sale.

Conroe is an another place in Texas where Western Rim Properties is operational, the city is 40 miles North of Texas and is a really nice place to live if anybody wants to live there. There are many properties to sell and rent out in Conroe so if you are looking for a new place to live then Conroe may prove to be a very fine city and environment. Conroe Texas real estate is very serious business and there is no one who does it better than Marcus and Nancy Hiles. Conroe Texas is a really great place, it offers a fresh environment and living over there will prove to be a real treat.

These are some things that you should know about Western Rim and Conroe Texas real estate. Marcus and Nancy Hiles are two of the most trusted people in the real estate world, their company is highly credible and will always try to provide properties of the highest quality for its customers and clients. Their business is now worth millions of dollars and it is still trying to give the people of Texas a better standard of living.

Marcus Hiles – Company Information

There are some of the creations of Marcus Hiles in the prime location of Texas like The Mansions Little Elm and The Grand Estates Little Elm. These two communities have served as a blueprint for creating several other properties in Denton County for the company of Marcus Hiles, Western Rim Property. Marcus Hiles is both the Chief Executive Officer and the chairman of Western Rim Property.

Like all other creations of Western Rim Property, the company managed by Marcus Hiles, The Grand Estates at Little Elm and The Mansions Little Elm will have the same type of facilities that are provided in the other housing estates produced by Marcus Hiles. The amenities that are provided are capable of providing a healthy lifestyle. Each of these communities have swimming pools, 24 hour fitness centres and children’s parks. Marcus Hiles provides luxury property services to the residents of these places.

A specific characteristic of Western Rim Property is the strategic locations of the building that are constructed by them. The communities that are built are located in some of the prime areas which have excellent schools, shopping malls, banks, restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars in the proximity. The residents of these communities would not have to travel far to reach their work-place.

If the people of Texas decide to live in The Grand Estates Little Elm or The Mansions Little Elm, they will have the experience of living in a resort. The exclusive apartments that are constructed are stylish and come with posh furnishings like hardwood floors, cabinets that are of designer quality, granite kitchen counter-tops and stainless steel kitchen appliances. These are only few of the amenities that are provided within the properties.

The prospective buyers of The Mansions Little Elm and The Grand Estates Little Elm are promised that the properties that will be constructed with high-quality materials and the systems and equipment used will be of the latest technology. The team that Marcus Hiles had set up for his company, Western Rim Property are experienced in the field of real-estate and they play a vital role in the development of the properties taking into account the conception, designing, planning and lastly constructing.

Marcus Hiles’ Western Rim Property has now turned out to be billion dollar real-estate firm that has built more than 20,000 properties and has experience of managing more than 7,500 residential communities, townhouse communities as well as active adult communities. All these are the result of the hard-work of Marcus Hiles and his employees.

Marcus Hiles championing a case against growing tax rates

marcus d hilesMarcus Hiles has been a strong advocate for lower tax rates on the income of regular income earners. He is of the opinion that if people pay more in taxes they would have less disposable income. This will affect their desire to own a home as it would be viewed as an expensive luxury rather than a necessity. This in his view will lead to more people settling for rented apartments as it would be seen as a more cost effective alternative to owning a property; thereby limiting the potential of individuals and families to live a life they would have dreamed of.

Rising tax rates

In the United States there has been an increasing rise in the taxes paid by ordinary citizens. In some cases the taxes have risen to by 20%, in the state of California it has risen to 25%. This increment in taxation and the less than commensurate rise in income have been detrimental to the purchasing power and buying habits of working class Americans. The uncertainty of workers take home pay in Marcus Hiles view will only lead them to take austere measures in protecting their hard earned income.

Change in tastes

The rising taxation and financial burden on the average worker according to Marcus Hiles will only push him into adjusting his tastes. The lack of disposable income will reduce the workers desire to live his dream and to own a home of his choosing. The effect of the uncertainty in income will lead most workers to hoarding their available salary to cater for the basic essentials and bare necessities of life which include feeding and clothing, while living barely enough money to settle bills and rent payments. Marcus Hiles believes that this will lead to workers preference for rented as opposed to personal ownership of property.

Quick turn around

Marcus Hiles and his business associates have lobbied politicians across the United States. They have tried to let them understand the need for a more stable taxation policy and how an unstable one is greatly influencing purchase habits across board but in the real estate industry in particular. Western Rims Properties while doing tremendously well in providing luxurious homes at below industry standard prices will still be constrained if government policies continue to swing in favor of increased taxation. Marcus Hiles is a strong advocate for a reduction in taxation.

Marcus Hiles: Making Community Living a Beautiful Thing

Marcus Hiles, founder and CEO of Western Rim Properties, is a strong believer in a sense of community. To him, having a strong community is the foundation of a good, caring society, one in which people are happy and work together to make each other happy. He has helped to make happy communities through his successful real estate companies that are valued today at over a billion dollars in assets, yet which offer affordable housing to all.

The Beauty and Elegance of Newport Classic Homes by Marcus Hiles is what has made his homes a household name in Texas. All over, his homes are known for their luxury amenities and designer fixtures, right from real hardwood floors, attached garages, granite kitchen countertops, stainless steel kitchen appliances, marble baths with jetted tubs and 80-ounce carpet. These homes bring to the tenant a sense of resort style living in prime locations across Texas. These homes overlook beautiful lakes, jogging trails and shady parks and invoke a sense of pride in residents for whom living in places like this is unimaginable if dealing with another real estate company with not so noble intentions.

It is Marcus Hiles’ dream to make affordable living a reality for the ordinary American citizen. He is a self made man, having come himself from a middle class family and working his way through college to make sure that his dream of owning a successful real estate company would come true. It is his continued perseverance and dedication that has made all of these ventures available in prime locations, with easy access to businesses and top schools, so that residents feel welcomed to their homes and do not have to travel long distances for work or for education.

Leading the Way with Philanthropy in Fort Worth, Texas: Marcus Hiles has made sizeable charitable donations to several worthy causes. These include building children’s hospitals, contributing to women’s help programs, sponsoring higher education for the less fortunate and even making huge donations of a million dollars at a time to worthy causes. All of these contributions are made with the aim of making communities peaceful and balanced, especially through a renewed focus on music and the art. It is this, that Marcus believes, will make our society as a whole a more wholesome one, and truly built on the American dream.