The Role of Nancy Hiles to Support Local Texas Universities and Schools

Marcus Hiles and his wife Nancy Hiles is the most renowned couple in the real estate industry. They have mutually worked for the betterment of the lot around them. Besides, they have given lots of time and money to charitable purposes. Nancy Hiles herself has been credited as the chief guest in various donation programs. Her generosity is just like her husband in donations for the welfare of students of Texas. The role of Nancy Hiles to support local Texas universities and schools is quite splendid and worth mentioning. She believes in education and has financially supported the students of universities and schools of her state. Both, the husband and wife, spend millions of dollars only to support educational purposes of the students of under privileged families quite selflessly. Contrary to saving big sums of profits, she just believes in spending savings for the welfare of others, especially students when it comes to philanthropy. Another quality of her similar to Marcus Hiles is the love of Nancy Hiles with natural environment around office and residence. They both believe in philanthropy, the welfare of others, modernity in housing styles, better standards of living, protection of natural habitat and selfless efforts.

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