Marcus Hiles championing a case against growing tax rates

marcus d hilesMarcus Hiles has been a strong advocate for lower tax rates on the income of regular income earners. He is of the opinion that if people pay more in taxes they would have less disposable income. This will affect their desire to own a home as it would be viewed as an expensive luxury rather than a necessity. This in his view will lead to more people settling for rented apartments as it would be seen as a more cost effective alternative to owning a property; thereby limiting the potential of individuals and families to live a life they would have dreamed of.

Rising tax rates

In the United States there has been an increasing rise in the taxes paid by ordinary citizens. In some cases the taxes have risen to by 20%, in the state of California it has risen to 25%. This increment in taxation and the less than commensurate rise in income have been detrimental to the purchasing power and buying habits of working class Americans. The uncertainty of workers take home pay in Marcus Hiles view will only lead them to take austere measures in protecting their hard earned income.

Change in tastes

The rising taxation and financial burden on the average worker according to Marcus Hiles will only push him into adjusting his tastes. The lack of disposable income will reduce the workers desire to live his dream and to own a home of his choosing. The effect of the uncertainty in income will lead most workers to hoarding their available salary to cater for the basic essentials and bare necessities of life which include feeding and clothing, while living barely enough money to settle bills and rent payments. Marcus Hiles believes that this will lead to workers preference for rented as opposed to personal ownership of property.

Quick turn around

Marcus Hiles and his business associates have lobbied politicians across the United States. They have tried to let them understand the need for a more stable taxation policy and how an unstable one is greatly influencing purchase habits across board but in the real estate industry in particular. Western Rims Properties while doing tremendously well in providing luxurious homes at below industry standard prices will still be constrained if government policies continue to swing in favor of increased taxation. Marcus Hiles is a strong advocate for a reduction in taxation.

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