Marcus Hiles on Texas Being The Perfect Example for the Other States

One of the most notable real estate investors and developers Marcus Hiles wants to point out that Texas’ track record of being an example to follow isn’t presented in the media as much as it should be. The numbers Texas industry achieves year after year are outstanding. Even foreign investors are noticing Texas’ pro-growth policies and their companies have opened more than half a million new jobs for the hard-working people of Texas.Hiles notes that, on the contrary, states like California have lost around 1500 businesses in the last eight years. Find out more about this topic on

Marcus Hiles – Reacts to the Positive Home Sales this Quarter in Texas

As mentioned by the Association’s article, there was a firmly increasing residential sales in Q1 2016 when compared to its previous year, but it was also the time when actual housing inventory and active listings have reduced considerably. Based on the report, listings were decreased by 11.9%. In addition, the study finds that the average days of active first quarter listings put for sale on the market were 64, which is down three days from first quarter 2015.

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Majority of Our Dwellers Are in Their Peak of Their Careers – Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles’ advice comes from his in-depth experience in offering apartment complexes that represent sheer indulgence.
“When renters choose to live in communities that match their personal preferences they achieve higher work-life balance,” he states. This balance is given that 33% of the occupants are between the ages of 30 and 44 – in the highest point of their careers – and another 30 percent are aged between 45 and 64 years. Hiles’ ability to plan townhouses that offer resort-like comforts while also still maintaining a favorable commute distance ensures that Dallas residents will keep moving towards rental homes instead of owned homes.

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Marcus Hiles Providing Options For Leary Homebuyers

As CEO of Western Rim Property Services, a regional firm specializing in luxury subdivisions, Marcus Hiles recognizes that the Texas Association of Realtors’ discoveries can help him best serve local clientele. “At Western Rim, we are constantly monitoring industry temperature and momentum to understand what our customers need most,” Hiles said. “The Association’s recent findings offer invaluable insight to our team regarding the current status of regional property sales. Most importantly, it proves that the state’s overall real estate vertical is thriving. It’s an exciting time to live in Texas.”

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Limited Options in the Market Can Impact Property Value – Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles understands that these market variables will impact purchase decisions negatively. However, he also believes that Western Rim, a firm that’s committed to providing economical flats that are of superior quality, will solve this matter of housing shortage. He says, “In our experience, low inventory when combined with high demand for upscale properties causes a remarkable increase in valuation. Western Rim believes that people should be able to purchase a contemporary, plush flat while not having to strain their budgets. The results of the study help us deliver this promise; we’ll keep following these market trends in order to help our customers achieve their lifestyle dreams.”

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Marcus Hiles Offers Way To Keep Attics 30 Degrees Cooler

Western Rim Property Services founder and CEO Marcus Hiles identifies traditional roofing insulation as the reason why air conditioners work overtime during temperatures peak. Here is his reasoning –  because a home’s roof absorbs the sun’s radiant energy, and in turn heats the attic and air ducts, more energy is required to cool the attic and cooling costs are increased. He says that, in contrast, installing highly reflective radiant barrier roof panels in the attic will reflect the heat and reduce up to 97 percent of heat transfer from the underside of the roof. “This cheap trick will keep your attic up to 30 degrees cooler,” Hiles says.

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Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Keep Up their Sustained Efforts to Make the Town Green

Western Rim lead by Marcus Hiles has been focused on making urban communities green. The association has taken on many projects towards expanding the reserve of natural resources for the ecosystem. Their yearly tree planting exercises may reduce close to 75 tons of carbon dioxide reliably, while making oxygen that is adequate for as much as 6,000 individuals. After 10 years, these planted trees will most likely give a yearly decrement of 600 tons of carbon dioxide. Similarly, they will give oxygen enough for 50,000 inhabitants.

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Marcus Hiles – An Admired Real Estate Agent and Developer

Marcus Hiles is an admired businessman and a person who changed the outlook of the real estate market when he founded Western Rim Property Services in 1988. Hiles managed to meet the demand of a growing number of people who wanted to live a luxurious lifestyle at reasonable prices. He managed to find and/or create apartments with the amenities of highest quality and features and offer them to everyday Texas workers. The business has grown and now Hiles is one of the most respected real estate investors and developers in the Lone Star State. Read more about this on

Marcus Hiles On ‘Surban’ Lifestyle Choices In Today’s Society

Market Watch describes 2017 trends of the blended urban/suburban lifestyle providing walkability, access to shopping and services, luxury amenities as “surban.” The Urban Land Institute acknowledges that changes shaping up in the suburban real estate market complement rather than pull away from nearby urban centers. One look at the conveniences list of Marcus Hiles’ upscale communities confirms the 2017 multifamily trends outlined by Building Design + Construction, attributing the rise of suburban living to long term solution rather than short term answer.

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Marcus Hiles Congratulates Austin As One Of Nation’s Top Rental Markets

Marcus Hiles explained that the Dallas/Fort Worth region continues to be one of the strongest rental markets in the United States, with three cities inside the metroplex being included in the rankings. Talking from a recent report that predicted the region’s housing market – already at an average cost of $233,000 – to skyrocket an additional 31 percent before 2020, Hiles went further by saying that renting has simply become the more logical financial solution in modern times. In addition, the shift of developers like Western Rim focus from boring, identical apartment complexes to delivering spacious single-family communities delivering contemporary, state of the art amenities and lifestyle services is bringing new attention to the resurging rental market.

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