Next Mark from Marcus Hiles

Be it Western Rim or Western Custom Homes, or Rodriguez Affordable Housing, Marcus Hiles is the name behind these companies. The man can be considered a genius as records depict of his associations with none less than forty companies and that’s just according to public records. If we take a look at the timelines it can be found that these companies have been raised from ashes in a span of over forty-four years. We could also check out that as of today Marcus Hiles has created a number of these companies.  A student of Rice University Marcus started off with his career pretty early. The guy has been known for his proactive nature, brilliant interpersonal skills and charming persona. His versatility and energetic nature has impressed and inspired many. Amongst his recent developments are Lakeway Real Estate, Magnolia RealEstate and McKinney Real Estate. What can we expect from Marcus Hiles? Well, a visionary of his stature is always having the best of hope up his sleeve. Let’s look at Lakeway for a start. This place happens to be one of the major resort communities there is in Texas, and it offers a range of beautiful neighborhoods not to mention exotic country clubs residing on the southern shore of Lake Travis. Lakeway happens to be a competitive hotspot as far as real estate goes and if you take a look you will find $495,000 homes with currently available hundreds available.

This is where Marcus Hiles excels. It was his vision that Lakeway would live up to the promise. Indeed, the township, which had been developed back in the 1970s, as of today, presents us with choices that would suit almost any crowd. Lakeway flaunts its own private airstrip. Quality residence at affordable price is what comes assured with Western Rim Properties. Being said that, people have their way with Hiles’ offerings because of his principles. The way Marcus gives a personal touch in each of his projects, maintaining balance in all the work and assuring of the quality of deliverables. As it happened Marcus insisted on selling lucrative properties at considerable rates even when the market prices were sky-high. Marcus straight away raised the bar and the customers now wouldn’t settle for any less. This led to a competitive market leading to vacant properties, which met ill fate due to the excess price.

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