Dallas Businessman Supports the Future

Dallas-based entrepreneur Marcus Hiles is looking out for the future. Marcus is best-known as a Dallas real estate genius, but has proven to be much more. While his business, Western Rim Property Services is booming and successful, Hiles has been working toward other projects. His other passion is philanthropy through the support of a variety of charities.

marcus hilesWhile most successful businessman have entirely thrown themselves into their business, Marcus Hiles has branched out. He has invested himself into the future of Dallas and other metropolitan areas across Texas. Funding and supporting various charitable causes in the state, Marcus Hiles has taken his remarkable business ethics and applied them to where they are needed most. In doing so, He has created a brighter future for Dallas and Texas.

Having put himself through college, Hiles knows the struggles of trying to educate yourself. As was instilled to him through his father, a minister, enriching the lives of the youth will trickle upward. The children who are given bright starts will become adults who have had reassurance from the beginning and will continue to do good things in the future. The future of possibility of children has to be planted in the beginning. This can happen with positive inspiration as well as access to the tools that will make education possible.

Hiles has been supporting educational programs. These include K-12, in addition to extracurricular activities, which include music and art programs. The funding that is provided by Marcus D. Hiles is used toward elevating these programs as well as enriching the lives of the youth of Dallas. When the youth has a secure and enriched childhood, they will in turn have a brighter future. Giving easier access to great programs like these, not only gives the children a better experience in K-12, but also increases the chance of scholarships to college. And children who are encouraged to look at their future have a greater chance of being successful, just like him.

In addition to funding educational programs, Marcus Hiles has funded children’s hospitals. Through this level of funding, children are given the state-of-art technology for their treatment and care. This too gives the future a brighter outlook as children have greater chances of recovering from illnesses and continuing on through school to become successful adults. Hiles has invested himself in the possibilities of tomorrow. With his support, the future is endless.

Marcus Hiles Making Real Estate Headlines in Texas

Marcus Hiles founded Western Rim Properties in 2004 when he was only 28 years old. He founded the company on one principle: To provide exceptional living conditions for Texans everywhere with great amenities at low prices. Fast forward to today, over a decade later, and Western Rim Properties has become one of the most successful real estate development companies in the state.

Western Rim Properties works primarily because of the level of value residents receive for their money. Marcus Hiles has been able to construct dozens of communities across Texas because his company has been so successful, and his residents have been so receptive of his vision. Marcus Hiles and Texas Mansion Realtors have been well received by outlets across the state.

marcus hilesMaking Headlines for Both His Work in Real Estate and in Philanthropy

Marcus Hiles has always been a generous person. From a very early age, he has always done his best to help the less fortunate in any way he could. Whether he was donating his time at a local homeless shelter or giving away clothing and food items to a local non-profit, Marcus Hiles always made philanthropy a priority.

Marcus Hiles always take a humble position when it comes to media attention. He often uses the media to spread information and updates about his company and charitable work, and to let the good residents of Texas know when a new development will be opening. In recent months, Marcus Hiles and Texas Online Real Estate Magazine have published a number of articles about his stance on property taxes and how they affect a person’s ability to purchase a home.

The Media and Real Estate: A Great Outlet for Real Estate Information

Every year, Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties open up new communities in various locations. From Dallas and San Antonio to the suburbs of Houston and beyond, Marcus Hiles continues to spread his vision for a better Texas.

As part of Marcus Hiles’ vision, he often uses media and makes headlines across the state when Western Rim Properties opens up another luxury real estate development. Marcus Hiles and his communities are in the media more than any other development because he making great strides within the real estate market, and his company is constantly improving the lives of Texas residents everywhere.

While Marcus Hiles remains a very humble man when he makes media headlines, consumers recognize the exceptional value he brings to the real estate market and the significant amount of philanthropic work he does every year.

The Resume of a Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur: Marcus Hiles

It takes more than a college degree to become a successful real estate entrepreneur. The entrepreneur spirit has to be instilled within someone from a very early age, and Marcus Hiles has always been interested in starting his own business. Western Rim Properties, one of the largest real estate development firms, is a product of hard work, dedication and years of sacrifice.

As stated on Marcus Hiles resume, he has extensive experience with a number of real estate and investment firms, mostly in Texas. From a young age, both of his parents taught him that hard work is extremely important, a trait that propelled him to excellence at the beginning of his professional career.

The Education of Marcus Hiles

After he graduated from college, Marcus Hiles attended Rice University. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and spent much of his free time learning about the real estate business and giving back to his community.

Marcus Hiles Chairman and CEO of Texas based Western Rim Properties then attended Pepperdine University in California to continue his business studies. He graduated at the top of his class and earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. During his years in college, his hard work began to pay off, and he made some very important business connections with faculty members and fellow students.

marcus d hilesThe Early Career of Marcus Hiles

When Marcus Hiles was attending Pepperdine University, he began working for a local real estate development company. During this very important time, Marcus worked his way up the ladder from simply closing real estate deals to managing his own team.

His early professional life was very important because Marcus Hiles started to realize that something was lacking in the real estate business. Consumers often had a difficult time choosing a property to purchase because they wanted amenities and were looking for a standard of quality that didn’t exist at the time.

Once Marcus Hiles discovered this gap in the market, he set out to create Western Rim Properties in 2004. When Marcus Hiles created his company, he had one goal in mind: To provide exceptional quality in the best locations with the best amenities for below market prices.

The people of Texas responded by lining up to buy one of Marcus Hiles’ exceptional properties. After a decade of success, Western Rim Properties now manages over 20,000 residential units across the state of Texas.

Marcus Hiles Fills a Gap in the Market with Luxury Residences

For years there has been a gap in the residential market across the United States. From New York to Texas, San Francisco and beyond, developers have mostly followed one blueprint for apartment buildings: Create apartment homes that come with the minimum amount of amenities to satisfy American consumers just enough to sign a lease. Marcus Hiles, owner of Western Rim Properties, has improved upon this idea by leaps and bounds: His Company offers luxury apartment homes and custom mansions located in the best neighborhoods with the best amenities.

In short, Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Property Services gives consumers every premium amenity they could ask for, whether they own a home or rent an apartment.

From The Beginning: A Man with a Vision for a Bright Real Estate Future

Marcus Hiles, from the early stages of his career, could see the massive issues that many large developers created more than a decade ago. Consumers who paid a premium price to live a comfortable life weren’t getting the amenities they deserved. In many cases, developers cut corners when it came to onsite facilities, management and more.

Marcus Hiles decided to do something about it. In 2004, he founded Western Rim Properties in Colleyville, Texas. Since day one, the company’s philosophy has been to provide the “highest quality homes with superior amenities near the best schools in the best locations.” Marcus Giles’ real estate portfolio has grown into the billions of dollars, and includes numerous properties in Houston, Austin, North Dallas, the San Antonio Hill Country and more.

For more information about Marcus’ and Western Rim Properties, connect with Marcus Hiles on Linkedin.

Only the Best Amenities: Living Up to Expectations

Every year, people from around the world flock to Texas to take advantage of a thriving job market, particularly those who are looking for employment within the healthcare or technology fields.

Texas must meet the housing demands of these families, and Western Rim Properties has risen to the challenge. Every real estate development owned and managed by Marcus Hiles’ firm offers a number of different luxurious amenities, including swimming pools, walking trails, clubhouses, fitness centers, cafes, outdoor WiFi, playgrounds and more. For consumers who are extremely busy with their work schedules, Western Rim Properties provides concierge services at many of their locations.

Looking Towards the Future of Luxury Real Estate Development

The real estate market is constantly changing. As the need for comfortable housing grows among American consumers, Marcus Hiles and his firm, Western Rim Properties, will continue to look for development and property management opportunities in locations across the United States.

Marcus Hiles: Meet the CEO of Western Rim Properties

Since the formation of Western Rim Properties in 2004, Marcus Hiles has spearheaded the company’s real estate development vision: To offer a better life for thousands of Americans. While his vision started in Texas, Western Rim Properties will continue to expand into other areas across the country. Marcus Hiles Chairman and CEO of Texas based Western Rim Properties has stayed true to his business roots and continues to drive his company toward success.

His Life as CEO of Western Rim Properties

Marcus Hiles and his family have stayed in Texas throughout most of their lives. They live a short distance away from the headquarters of Western Rim Properties in Colleyville, Texas. Most days, Marcus spends ensuring that Western Rim Properties is run smoothly and that his residents are well taken care of.

On a personal level, Marcus Hiles likes to interact with many of his employees daily. Those who work closely with him at the Western Rim Properties corporate headquarters have experienced first-hand his ability to effectively run a real estate company while keeping the interests of his employees a top priority.

While the company takes up much of his life, days when he is not working are spent with his family and friends participating in recreational activities.

The Charitable Side of Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles Chairman and CEO of Texas based Western Rim Properties is known to be a very giving man.

For the past two decades, Marcus and his wife, along with his company, have donated millions of dollars to a variety of philanthropic causes. Because Marcus strongly believes that local communities in Texas are a major reason why he is so successful, he ensures that the people who live within them are well taken care of.

On a personal charitable level, Marcus Hiles focuses much of his philanthropic work on public schools, universities and non-profit employment organizations. Every year, Marcus sets aside huge sums of money from his personal income that is split up into numerous grants that he makes available to schools across the state. Schools then use these grants to buy new computers, educational software and to fund a variety of after school programs.

On a company level, Marcus and Western Rim Properties have spent more than $4 million dollars to help rehabilitate numerous wildlife habitats and purchase environmentally-friendly technology that the company uses as part of its daily operation for construction and administration.

Western Rim Property Services: The Mansions on the Park

One of the fastest growing areas in Texas is Magnolia. Here you will find Western Rim Property Services development, “The Mansions on the Park”. This environment offers the perfect balance between work, play and relaxation. For anyone with an active, social lifestyle then this is the place for you! The Mansions on the Park is extra-ordinary.

Visualize yourself pulling into your own personal two car garage. Entering through a private, ground floor entrance. The home itself is appointed with the finest details, everything has been upgraded to state of the art. The designers have been inspired by styles from around the world and the end result is inspiring. You can enjoy a coffee at the conveniently located Starbucks café with WIFI. You can also enjoy walks in the expansive naturally wooded central park. The Mansions of the Park community is equipped with exclusive features, never to be found elsewhere.

Here in the Mansions of the Park you will be right In the middle of a city full of opportunities.   Work and play is balanced perfectly. Enjoy an active lifestyle and slow down for a relaxing afternoon.

As part of the development work that Western Rim Property Services do, they also contribute significantly to the natural environment. Marcus Hiles the founder and CEO of Western Rim Property Services has given completely improved public parks, lakes and greenspace. The total value of these donations is estimated to be at 4 million.

Through private parks, the environment of communities and wildlife has significantly been improved. There are also significant benefits to the wider community, with forests helping to remove pollutants to the atmosphere, help reduce energy use in homes for temperature control and also help with stormwater runoff management. The worth of these private parks, permanent zoned open space and wildlife protection zones is estimated to be many millions of dollars.

Western Rim Property Services: The Estates Woodland

Winding nature trails, right next to shops and entertainment all within close proximity to luxury apartment homes. This is what you will find at “The Estates Woodlands”. Here, you can have everything. This community combines the best of urban living with the most luxurious amenities. The apartments are designed to delight and you’ll feel wonderful, surrounded by neighbourhoods with access to premier shopping, restaurants and other sophisticated features. You’ll have 9-10 foot ceilings, designer kitchen amenities, elevator access to every home. Company Overview of Western Rim Property Services, Inc.

Your apartment will become the retreat you’ve been looking for. The location of this luxury community is vitally important, that’s why The Estates Woodlands prime location comes into play, giving you the best access to a vibrant town. You will feel right at home! Marcus hiles chairman and CEO of texas based western rim properties

Marcus Hiles: Commitment to Trees and Wildlife

Western Property Rim Services founder Marcus Hiles has made a conscious effort to increase the number of trees in his development projects. Western Rim and Hiles personally have gifted to the general public over 59 acres of parkland to the general public. Much of this land has 100 to 150 year old oak and cedar trees along with lakes, artesian feed rivers and much indigenous wildlife. There are 3 blocks of land donated. the block sizes were 44 acres, 6 acres and 9 acres all based in a north Texan city.

marcusd hiles

From a private perspective, Marcus Hiles and his companies are responsible for the creation of hundreds of acres of private parklands in the suburbs of Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

In addition to donating parklands Marcus’s company’s plant trees at a greater rate than any government development regulation. There are many benefits from trees and Marcus Hiles has implemented tree-planting policies into his company’s processes. Trees beautify, reduce the temperature, eat pollution and create oxygen for us to breathe. In addition to recycling programs and other schemes designed to improve the environment.
Hiles company’s planted 3153 trees last year, in one decade this number will approach 25,000 trees. A typical tree sequesters 48 pounds of carbon dioxide every year and produces enough oxygen for two people to breathe.

Marcus D Hiles: Brand, Design and Quality

Marcus D Hiles is the President and Founder of Western Rim Properties and affiliated businesses. In 2012 and 2013 it was awarded by Satisfacts, an authority on resident satisfaction as being ranked #3 in the Top 5 out of hundreds of businesses reviewed.westernrim properties

Marcus attributes his success to buying the best located land and creating the best value residences for his customers. A significant strategy is also a commitment to quality, this means utilising the best Texan brands available for appliances and finishings inside each luxury apartment. The stylish towers properties bring chic and urban living to Texas with Modern loft inspired apartments. These properties come with designer cabinetry, nickel fixtures, imported porcelain tiles, classic arches and rich carpets.

They can include real hardwood floors, attached garages, granite kitchen counter tops, stainless steel appliances and jetted tubs.

A great example of a Towers apartment is the Towers Woodland in Conroe, Texas. These apartments are available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms where you can relax and indulge in the luxury. this one comes with stained concrete floors, vaulted ceilings and grand formal entrances with all the details. 44 acre jogging trails with fishing ponds, picnic areas and infinity swimming pool make this place highly desireable. It comes with a 24 hour Fitness centre and concierge services to seal the deal.

Marcus D Hiles : Green Spaces, Parklands and Golf courses

A key strategy that has ensured the success of Marcus D Hile’s businesses has been the proximity of signature amenities close by to all of the residential developments. If you want to play the top courses designed by Pete Dye, Greg Norman and Lee Tavino then you need to check out the offerings of Western Rim Property Services. Many apartments have PGA Golf courses in the vicinity or other attractions, such as baseball parks, performing art centres, world renowned restaurants and premier shopping destinations.

marcusd hilesThe community is always in mind when designing a Western Rim Property. The neighbourhoods are always tree lined and have access to hiking and biking tracks. Often the properties front on to beautiful lake fronts and state forests with boating ramps, lakes and streams within reach. Incredible views are attainable if you live in a Western Rim Apartment. Green zones, parklands and wildlife reserves are very important to founder Marcus D Hiles when planning a development.

He has given to the general public over 59 acres of parklands with hundreds of 100 to 150 year old Oak trees. These parklands have also had artesian streams and lakes. This gift represents over 2 million dollars worth of improvements for the general public to enjoy.