Marcus Hiles is a Dallas / Fort Worth area property developer, entrepreneur, real estate investor, and philanthropist. He is the founder and CEO of Western Rim Property Services and Mansions Custom Homes, two property development firms based in Texas.[8]  Both companies have been established in line with Marcus’ principle objectives, which are to provide quality homes in the best locations. With Western Rim, Hiles provides such homes at affordable cost, offering great value to customers. With Mansions Custom Homes, the goal is to provide the finest quality housing options, with tMarcus Hiles - On Competitive Advantages of Planned Communitieshe very best luxury features available. He is also a wine enthusiast who has recently launched his own private label. His collection is called The Magnificent Cellar.

Origins and History
In both cases, Hiles achieves his objectives by way of his experience, commitment, and outstanding business abilities. A lifelong entrepreneur with a seemingly inborn talent for sales, Marcus comes from a strictly middle-class family. With a fairly modest background, he did not have the luxury of privilege so common to many who have achieved a similar degree of success. Consequently, he had only his own modest savings to rely on in order to get his start in the real estate industry. Despite the numerous obstacles and challenges that he faced however, Hiles persevered in establishing a career in the real estate industry.

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